Top 8 FWB Dating Apps & Sites for Friends With Benefits & NSA Hookup

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  • Jan 27, 2024

Dating sites have made it extremely easy to find other people who share the same mentality as you when it comes to relationships.

Research shows that FWB relationships are beneficial for both those who want to start a long-term relationship and those who want to have a good time. About 20% of FWB relationships turn into long-term relationships.

So, if you’re worried about ending up in a long-term relationship that starts like this, the odds are pretty low. But if you aim to develop your relationship to this point, there are still a few chances.

Regardless of your aims, the question that could have been bugging you so far is how to even get into a friends-with-benefits relationship.

In this article, you will find ten of the most used FWB dating sites that will help you in your quest. And the best part about it is that you only need to spend a few minutes per week to get your first date.

1. AdultFriendFinder

If you’re thinking of starting a relationship that revolves around friends with benefits type of relationships, Adult Friend Finder is the first FWB dating site you should check out. With over 75 million active members, this fwb site registers approximately about 55 million monthly visits.

Its users are pretty clear about what they want; in most cases, that's not a long-term romantic relationship. You can sign up on the site and create your account for free. This tier allows you to browse around the site, find profiles, and even add them to a ‘Hot List.'

One of the distinct features that you've probably never heard of is the “Sex Academy.” Even though you'll need a premium membership to access it, it's totally worth it if you want to up your game and have amazing intercourses. The premium membership unlocks far more useful features as well, including the option to view unlimited profiles, all videos, and photos, as well as the option to exchange messages.

Once you join the site, you can expect to find a wide variety of options regarding the types of groups you can join, discussion forums, and the galleries of hot pictures you can browse through for entertainment.

2. AshleyMadison

Named after two of the most popular female names in North America, Ashley Madison was founded in 2002 by Darren J. Morgenstern, and since then, it has gained a massive user base. Its slogan was quite straightforward and catchy for those searching for FWB: “Life is too short. Have an affair.”

Its popularity has skyrocketed quickly in these two decades, amassing over 70 million members, with 17 million members only in the US. The site might not be as impressive as AdultFriendFinder regarding its functionalities but it hosts plenty of users searching for discreet affairs, hookups, and friends with benefits. Most members belong to the middle age group and are either divorced or unhappy in their marriage and in search of sexual pleasure.

Considering that most active users on the site are already in a relationship, the site gives plenty of options to stay discreet while browsing the site. These features include covering your eyes with a mask or paying with gift cards (Starbucks, Home Depot, etc.) to keep your private information secure.

Is your data on this nsa dating app secure? Well, the app was subjected to a data breach in 2015 and since then they’ve taken stricter security measures to protect their users’ data. Plus, the site allows you to lock it with a PIN and its black icon makes it easy for it to get lost unnoticed in the phone background. Read the in-depth review of Ashley Madison on our site.

3. Seeking

Seeking Arrangement (commonly referred to as Seeking) is an FWB dating site designed for the luxury dating. It does its job so well that this dating website is arguably the most popular in the said category.

Despite primarily catering to rich people and attractive people, you’re going to find that Seeking is actually one of the best friends with benefits sites, too.

You’re even getting an upgrade from the usual FWB pickings on other sites because Seeking’s female users are professional companions who cater to a variety of dating scenarios… friends with benefits being one of them.

If you’re a woman looking for a male FWB, you’re going to love how Seeking lets you use it for free, that’s right! It’s probably the main reason there’s a great female-to-male user ratio on this friends with benefits site. Each and every account here is verified and legitimate, too. Trolls and scammers aren’t welcome on Seeking, which is why it’s far more efficient than other dating sites in helping you find a trusty friend with benefits to snuggle with.

As long as you’re able to meet the demands of any given person on this site and you let them know that you want a friend with benefits, you’re good to go!

4. Tinder

How can a list of FWB dating apps be complete without the leading site that has long dominated the dating game (accounting for 27.6% of the downloads in the dating apps category in 2022)? The dating app that revolutionized the dating game with its swiping feature is the perfect place to search for a friends-with-benefits relationship.

At least 22% of Tinder users reportedly browse the app to find a hookup. Its user base includes users with different intentions but it's vast enough to help you find the relationship you're searching for. After all, the site has led to over 65 billion matches so far.

If you’re searching for an FWB relationship on Tinder, you can jump on the app and start swiping and talking to matches without purchasing a subscription. Paying for the premium has its benefits since it allows you to search for singles outside your area and removes the daily limits.

Physical attraction is the key to finding a match interested in an FWB relationship, which puts a lot of importance on your appearance on the app. Make sure to show your physique and describe yourself as realistically as possible. You might ask your friends for feedback on your profile so that you can polish it to perfection and attract as many matches as possible.

5. SecretBenefits

If you’re looking for a free friends with benefits site online, then look no further than Secret Benefits and what it has to offer.

First off, SecretBenefits gives you the option of using a free basic membership or a paid premium one. Honestly, though, its basic account tier is packed with more than enough features to help you find friends with benefits based on your location.

However, the premium membership does offer something special! It’s a personalized questionnaire for users upon which the neat algorithm handles the rest.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to find a friend with benefits that you can hang out with after a long day of whoopee, then going with either of SecretBenefits's membership tiers is sufficient enough for that!

6. OkCupid

OkCupid was brought to the dating world over two decades ago (2004), counting more than 50 million members so far. The app has been growing steadily and helping its users get into short-term relationships, find friends with benefits, or even long-term relationships even though its users are more focused on the former ones.

What’s amazing about OkCupid is that it offers the option to choose the type of relationship you’re searching for. It clearly allows you to select a non-monogamous or monogamous relationship, and it’s perfect for singles or partners who want to find friends with benefits and have a good time together. Most of its users range from 25 to 34 years old, which is ideal.

The app offers plenty of cool capabilities for free and you can make the most of it without paying for a subscription. What matters is that you state your intentions clearly and write a profile that attracts views. Photos are a decisive factor in FWB dating so make sure to spend enough time on them.

Since most functionalities are available for free, you'll be dating without having to risk inserting your payment details on a dating site. The app comes with a Discovery page that allows you to filter profiles based on interests and chat with those who share your preferences.

7. Down

Down (formerly bangwithfriends) entered the dating market with the initial idea of allowing users to log in through their Facebook accounts and then date their friends there. Unfortunately, Facebook changes made it impossible for the company to continue this matching model further.

However, you can still use Facebook among other login methods (Apple, Google, Phone Number) to register and create an account on the site. If we were to describe the app in one word, that would be: brutally honest. And that's good for those searching for friends with benefits on the app.

Uniquely from other fwb dating apps like Tinder which offer the option to swipe left or right when you want to mark a match, DOWN introduces a third option and rearranges them differently. You can instantly tell your match whether you're looking for a hookup or a date. Swiping up signals them that you're interested in dating and swiping down signals wanting to hook up with them plainly. To ignore them altogether, you just have to swipe left.

Even if you’re shy about openly asking for a hookup, DOWN makes it easier for you. Now you can avoid the wasted time spent on dating the wrong matches and the drama of a romantic relationship. That’s why we like to think this is one of the best hookup apps for casual sex.

8. Bumble

Bumble might first appear like your usual dating app, but it puts a whole new twist to the game by being one of the best friends with benefits apps you can use if you’re a woman.

Unlike any other casual dating app out there, female Bumble members are given more control in the form of an exclusive right to initiate conversations with the people they match with.

This results in a more streamlined experience where you can find friends with benefits efficiently, without having to sift through hundreds of unwanted messages and pictures.

With a nice user interface and simple pairing algorithm based on your location, finding an FWB on this hot dating app is a cinch. It even lets you collect and select potential FWB partners by saving your matches, so you can return to them once you’re good and ready.

Much like other FWB dating apps, there’s a daily limit in place for basic accounts. If you want to upgrade, Bumble offers lifetime memberships with a one-time payment. So, just choose which tier suits you best and you’ll find an intimate acquaintance in no time!

What Does Friends With Benefits Mean?

People who identify themselves as friends with benefits or FWB are going outside the typical monogamous dating system and choosing to keep their sexual relationship casual. They are friends who have sex occasionally. They do not require exclusivity or romantic promises to have fun in the bedroom.

Having a FWB arrangement can be a sexually liberating way to satisfy a desire without having to deal with the complexities and drama of a real relationship. Some sexy individuals maintain multiple friendships that include sexual benefits. The trick is keeping these relations light and commitment-free. A FWB relationship is doomed as soon as serious feelings get into the mix.

How Do Dating Sites for Friends With Benefits Actually Work?

Most casual hookup sites are pretty easy to get the hang of. They have simplified online dating to focus on profile pictures, physical chemistry, and instant communication through text or video. The first step is to create a dating profile or personal ad by providing some basic information about yourself (first name, age, location, gender, and sexual orientation) and uploading a profile picture. Some apps ask for multiple pictures or Instagram feed links, but an anonymous hookup app will usually let users skip this step.

Once your profile is complete, you can use search filters or swiping tools to browse local members. Some communication tools will be available, though they may require a mutual match or subscription to access.

Are Dating Sites for Friends With Benefits Safe?

Yes, generally speaking, online dating is a safe way to meet new people. Singles can vet new date prospects through an online chat and keep their real-life identities private until a certain level of trust has been established.

Singles can take steps to keep themselves safe while online dating. For instance, it’s a good idea to always meet for a first date at a public location (a local bar or pub will do nicely) and make sure to have an exit strategy prepared. Don’t accept a ride from a stranger, and don’t let yourself be pressured into doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Meeting a stranger on an online dating site can seem risky because you can’t make eye contact or read body language, but video chat features can solve that problem. Plus, online daters have the advantage of being able to conduct a background check via the internet to ensure their new potential match is being honest.

Casual daters can encounter some hazards on sex sites. Catfishers, scam accounts, and fake profiles can cause problems if a site’s security measures are lax. However, users will almost always have a reporting tool and block button that they can use to end all contact with unsavory characters online.

How Do I Know How to Choose the Best Dating Site for Friends With Benefits?

The internet is full of adult dating sites, and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Good information is the key to making a good choice.

We’ve outlined some of the features and perks on this list of the best dating sites for friends with benefits. And any of these options can be a good starting point for your romantic journey. You can also check out these reviews for more detailed information about today’s most popular hookup platforms. Be sure to also ask your friends about their experiences with online dating and see if they have any good tips or recommendations.