Top 10 Gay Dating Apps & Sites for Single Men & LGBTQ+

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  • Feb 21, 2024

Single men can find their Mr. Right by searching the best gay dating apps for casual or serious relationships. Online dating is becoming the go-to wingman for gay, bisexual, trans, and queer men seeking a partner who will stand by their side through thick and thin.

In a 2019 survey, about 55% of LGB adults said they had tried online dating, and 21% said they had gotten into a relationship with a person they met on a dating site or app.

The world of online dating has changed a lot in the last decade. In fact, ten years ago, it was really difficult to find a dating app that was aimed specifically at gay dating. Now, you’ve got too many choices! In other words, you’ve got so many choices that it’s hard to know where you should spend your time. Which gay dating apps are going to yield you the best results? And which ones are going to make you puff your cheeks out in exhaustion after dates keep flaking on you?

1. Grindr

Grindr is one of the top dogs in the gay dating scene. It's the name everyone recognizes, and many gay men choose it as their go-to dating app. The location-based matching system satisfies the desires of guys who want to hook up on the fly.

Grindr was the first gay dating app to use location-based matching to bring its gay users together. Since 2009, more than 27 million men have downloaded the Grindr app, and over 4 million users actively swipe and match on the app every day.

This free gay app puts men in touch with date prospects in the area, and it can inspire a casual hookup or a lasting relationship depending on the men’s desires. The Grindr app is free, but the premium membership provides extra filters and additional features.

Grindr puts men in the driver’s seat in the gay dating scene. The advanced search filters for age, appearance, and other personal qualities make it easy for a gay man to find LGBT singles who are exactly his type.

2. MenNation is powered by Friend Finder Networks, so it encompasses a vast network of sexually active women. The male-friendly dating site allows men, couples, and groups to create a profile and find online and offline romance. With over 2 million men in its community, MenNation is fast becoming one of the most popular gay dating sites around.

LGBTQ+ singles come in all types, and some men identify as gay rather than lesbian or bisexual. If you’re a gay man or want to date a gay man, then MenNation can hook you up. This is a male-friendly dating network where romance has no rules.

Individuals, couples, and groups can join to connect with sex-driven people in their neighborhood. There’s no telling where an adult conversation on this local hookup site will take you. It could lead to a one-night stand, or it could lead to something more serious. MenNation has many sexually charged spaces to explore, including discussion forums and video live streaming.

3. Scruff

Scruff is a popular gay hookup app aimed at all members of the LGBT community. It’s also ideal for gays looking for new friends, but it’s generally seen as a place where you can find someone who’s looking for no-strings-attached sex. Scruff requires your device location before you can sign-up, and also need to describe your profile pic (to categorize your account). Other than that, Scruff requires the barest of personal details, and the whole sign-up process should take a minute or two.

Once your profile is ready, you can search for members according to those who are online now, those who are new, and those who are the most popular. You can also check out how responsive a user is before messaging them. There are all kinds of communities to flip through, such as Bisexual, Twink, and Bear, which makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for. Messaging people is free, but if you’re unsure what to say, you can send someone a ‘Woof’ to let them know you’re interested.

4. Surge

Surge prides itself on being a safe space for gay and bisexual men who are free to find a hookup or love without being judged. There’s no need to put yourself in a box here, and with more than 4 million members, Surge is increasing in popularity. It’s kinda like a mix between OkCupid and Tinder. Surge requires a valid email address but the whole sign-up process takes just a minute.

You can sync your Facebook account if you wish but you don’t need to spend time filling out a bio. Once your profile is ready, you’re free to swipe right or left on members. If you match with someone, you can then start chatting and sending pics. You can also send videos. However, pics and videos soon vanish – like on Snapchat. Because Surge provides a safe space for people, the contact features have been designed to ensure people feel respected and secure. As such, you cannot message anyone you haven’t matched with.

5. FriendFinder

FriendFinder gives gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender men the chance to find romance in their area. The hookup site excels at connecting singles and couples who have similar sexual desires, and its live chat rooms often lead to stimulating sexual encounters in the real world. Anyone interested in meeting hot men can create a profile for free on FriendFinder and start chatting guys up.

Friend Finder is a sex-positive dating platform where anything goes. During the signup process, you can identify yourself as a gay man, a gay couple, a straight couple, a lesbian couple, a group, or a trans person, and FriendFinder won’t bat an eye.

Hooking up is the name of the game here, and it doesn’t matter where you fall along the sexuality spectrum as long as you’re willing to be honest about it and get intimate with someone. This discreet LGBT dating site has done a great job of introducing promiscuous people online, and it’s a fun place to spend a horny afternoon or evening.

6. Growlr

Growlr is a simple-to-use gay app, and which comes with a free version. However, it’s entirely mobile-based and can’t be accessed on the desktop. It’s also predominantly aimed at gay men looking for bears. Growlr is best seen as a social networking app for gays who want to meet bears for friendship, hookups, or even serious relationships. The sign-up process takes two minutes, and there’s no need to wait around for your photos to be approved.

Once you’re in, you can search for members via the search function or start chatting by commenting on a user’s pics or blog (yes, you can post your own blogs!). By using the SHOUT feature, you can boost your business or your profile so that you’re seen by more members.

7. OkCupid

OkCupid is a staunch ally of the LGBTQ+ community. The dating site and app made headlines in 2013 when it introduced 22 gender options and 13 orientation options to dating profiles. Few dating platforms have gone to such lengths to ensure that it represents everyone across the sexuality spectrum, and we give it props for connecting gay, bi, and queer men around the world.

OkCupid is a totally free dating platform designed to help singles discover true compatibility. All OkCupid members enjoy free, unlimited messaging and have access to over 5,000 optional questions about their likes, habits, opinions, values, and relationship standards.

In 2014, OkCupid added 22 gender options and 12 sexual orientation options to its dating profiles, thus giving queer singles the freedom to express who they are with pride. It is now the official website and app for free messaging with a new LGBTQ person.

8. Romeo

Romeo is a well-known gay dating site for its highly active user base. It’s open to all kinds of gay men (including transgenders), it’s free to send and receive messages, and several special features enhance your enjoyment. The quickest way to set up an account is to link your Facebook profile. However, you’ll also need a valid email address to verify your account, and you need to input your location. Then, you’ll be taken to the profile builder, where you’ll be asked questions about your relationship status and sexual orientation.

Once your profile is done, you can look for members via the search function. If you see someone you like, you could go ahead and send them a message, or you could be a bit cute and send them a ‘footprint.’ This makes things a bit fun by encouraging you to send someone a sticker with a description of what you like about them (“hot butt” or anything like that). Also, Romeo puts members into one of seven categories (Twinks, Jocks, etc), making it easier to find compatible users.

9. Tinder

Tinder has helped millions of singles in the LGBTQ+ community mingle and pick up dates. The app has generated over 75 billion matches since 2012, and a good chunk of those were same-sex connections. Gay men can take advantage of Tinder's simple swiping system to up their flirting games.

Tinder has become a dominant force in the online dating scene because of its ingenious swiping system. This popular dating app is unrivalled in terms of sheer size. Since its launch in 2012, Tinder has been downloaded over 530 million times, created over 75 billion matches, and added nine sexual orientation options to help young singles connect.

Some people dismiss Tinder as nothing more than a hookup app, and in doing so, they miss out on some romantic opportunities. We’ve seen evidence that Tinder can inspire long-term relationships between users who are open to going beyond the superficial and really connecting with a new person.

10. Zoosk

Zoosk is a fast-growing dating site that reaches singles of all ages and orientations. This global network facilitates romantic connections between gay men with its behavioral matchmaking algorithm, advanced search filters, and premium communication tools. Every day, Zoosk members send over 3 million messages on the site and build close relationships.

Zoosk launched in 2007 as an online dating app that incorporated social media tools into its matchmaking. The Zoosk platform keeps users engaged with its newsfeed, personality test, swiping tools, and potential match recommendations. Every day, Zoosk members exchange over 3 million messages through the platform.

Zoosk has over 40 million members worldwide, and a good number of them are also members of the LGBTQ community. Single guys should just know that Zoosk tends to attract a younger crowd between 18 and 30. That doesn’t mean an older man can’t get into a romantic relationship here — he just may have to shoot for gay dates in a younger age range.

Is There a Grindr App for Straight Singles?

No, Grindr is exclusively a gay men’s thing. There are straight dating apps like Grindr that use your phone’s location to create potential matches — Tinder comes to mind — but these alternatives aren’t made by the same company and therefore won’t have the exact same match algorithm or swiping interface. And they won’t have as many LGBTQ+ people online either.

The dating app Grindr is easily among the most popular dating apps for flirtatious gay guys, and that’s why we highly recommend it to the LGBT community.

LGBT Singles Can Meet Their Match Online

A romantic relationship could be just a few clicks and swipes away thanks to the online dating scene. Single gay men can come together on a gay dating site or app and find common ground based on similar interests, values, and goals.

If you want to meet a potential partner, the best dating sites for serious relationships can set you in the right direction. The top dating sites and apps provide matchmaking tools, photo galleries, and chat features to help singles date on their terms. Many single men have found their forever match online, and you could be next.

The Top LGBTQ+ Dating Apps Make Magic Happen Online

The LGBTQ+ community has embraced online dating in a big way. Approximately 20% of online daters identify as gay, whereas only 4% of the general population identify as gay.

The gay dating scene was once dominated by underground, private, and guilt-ridden affairs, but now it’s more known for rainbow jewelry, spunky haircuts, and sassy attitudes. Today’s gay singles have more acceptance in society, and they have more support from technology, so they can pursue the dates they desire and build meaningful relationships.

The best gay dating apps and sites can foster love connections between queer people who may never have met one another in real life, and that’s an exciting prospect for active online daters. We’ve listed some of our favorite gay dating sites and hookup apps to give you a head start as you search for a compatible partner. Don’t be afraid to use more than one gay dating app at a time — after all, dating is all about putting yourself out there and seeing what happens. Good luck!

3 Important Gay Dating Steps to Follow for Success

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bi, queer, or just horny, we’ve all been on dates that felt a little lackluster. A meh first date that doesn’t get you excited for a second date. Too often, gay singles report having more awkward dating experiences than dates that truly woo us. So, why are so many dates so dull?

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

We always want to feel like our potential partner is thinking about us, even if we don’t hear from him. This is especially true in the dating app game when we have so many “banked” options.

2. Determine Early On If You Have Similar Friends and Lifestyles

Looking at your potential partner’s friend circle and lifestyle are two ways to determine long-term compatibility. I always tell my coaching clients that it’s important to like a partner’s friends, and vice versa. This has proven to be true because a lot of times, as a professional matchmaker, I hear clients say “I want to date a guy who I can just leave in a room of friends, and he can be comfortable.”

3. See If You Two Can Handle Life’s Ups and Downs

Let’s say things have been going really well with you and your new partner, and there have been talks about being exclusive, making a commitment, maybe even finally moving in with one another. The timing of this is case by case, but I would say, on average, this stage happens around one year of dating. If you’re ready, that’s great. You will learn a lot about each other and grow closer.

4 Awesome Tips for Gay Dating in Small Communities

It’s hard enough finding a quality dating prospect in a booming metropolis, but it can seem almost impossible when you live in a geographical area with a small population that most certainly seems predominantly heterosexual.

It can feel very isolating and hopeless if you’re on a quest for a life partner when you’re living under these circumstances. It’s like living on a deserted island destined for a future of solitude and loneliness.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom

Gay singles can take steps to change their situation and local date prospects with varying degrees of success on the probability scale. Should you move to an area that holds more of a gay population? Or should you stay put in your current home terrain and strategize different ways for accomplishing your dating goals?

1. The Reality is Dating is a Numbers Game

Considering that gay people reportedly only make up a small percentage of the population, our dating pool is significantly limited when you look at it this way. Then you have to sift through compatibility factors (attraction, values alignment, personality, sexual style, etc.), including additional screening measures unique to gay men (top versus bottom, out versus closeted, STI status, etc.)

2. Move to a gay metropolis

If you have the opportunity and means to move your life to an area where there is a higher concentration of gay residents, this could be an advantageous decision. If this is something you can do, a 2014 study by The Advocate has identified the top 15 cities where gays and lesbians congregate and have a higher homogeneous population.

3. Check out gay personals sites

On gay personals like MenNation you can write a detailed profile that contains your personal requirements for a partner and relationship in a way that attracts qualified prospects. You might never know that hot guy living across town was even gay if not for the availability of these online dating sites, and now more opportunities abound for meeting others in your local area that was never possible before the internet.

4. Start your own gay club or group

Advertise online — in newspapers, on, or via some other venue — to attract other local gay men who may be hidden otherwise. Gay personals are straightforward and can help queer singles form a sense of community, reduce alienation, create a new source of support networking for friends and dating. Joining an active online community can give you a sense of empowerment and control in making some movement toward your ultimate goal of connection and possible dating opportunities.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone to Meet a Great Guy

One thing is for sure: You won’t ever meet your Mr. Right if all you do is stay at home and sulk in front of the television screen. Whether you’re gay, bi, queer, or questioning, you’ve got to put yourself out there to make a real connection with a person who attracts you and brings out your best self.

It may not always be easy — or comfortable — but dating is all about initiative and persistence. Go to that local bar, join that popular dating site, or maybe take up a hobby or side gig and see who you meet along the way.