Top 10 Free KINK Dating Sites & Apps for Fetish BDSM Lovers

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  • Jan 30, 2024

Looking for the best kink dating apps for fetish or bdsm? With so many dating apps available, it can be hard to distinguish one from the other. When it comes to kinky apps, there’s a very clear and distinct angle: These dating apps are aimed at kinksters who generally are looking for something very different from regular daters.

I personally used each one for a few days with the aim of testing the site out, seeing how easy or difficult it is to use, what its features are, how safe it is – and whether or not it’s worth your time.

Whatever fetishes you’re into (Role-playing, Impact play, foot fetish, swinging, and bondage), there’s something here for everyone.


AdultFriendFinder is one of the world’s biggest online casual dating apps that cater to, among other things, kink. It’s used by over 80,000,000 people worldwide, with many of them active each week. The site was launched over 20 years ago, so reputation is guaranteed. Nudity is allowed, and people with any kind of kinks are encouraged to sign up.

What I especially like about AFF is how open everyone is. If there’s a kink you enjoy, you can state it explicitly on your profile. And thanks to the advanced search filters, it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for – you can use AFF to find fuck buddies, orgies, swingers parties, and more.

What I also like is that you can use AFF to meet people and have sex – or, if you prefer, watch each other have kinky sex online. For example, you can watch live member webcams as a premium member, and there are also lots of adult movies to watch, too. And if you want to learn more about kink, you can do so via the Sex Academy.

2. helps you explore the sexual subcultures of kink, BDSM, and fetish through the online dating scene. For anyone who has ‘unusual’ cravings and wants a taste of something different, Alt is home to around 13,000 members who are active each week. Whilst males dominate, there is still a good number of females.

You can send a normal text message or could have a free live video chat with people. That’s right; Alt lets two (or more) people get on video together to do whatever they want. You could also enter the adult chat rooms and get naughty with people in there.

To increase your chances of a hookup, it’s a good idea to say whatever is on your mind. Remember, people who are into kink and BDSM are not easily shocked when it comes to sexuality. So don’t hold back – be yourself. Both newbies and experienced BDSM practitioners are welcome.


BDSM is a text-based bdsm dating site that, due to its retro text-based nature, might not be for everyone. However, it’s totally free to use, and it’s more than just another dating site. It’s also home to an entire online community of fetishists who are on hand to help welcome you into the wonderful world of BDSM if you’re new to this.

There are blogs, stories, events, and a forum where you can chat with people, make new friends and learn more about people and their fetishes. Naturally, you can of course find BDSM dates and hookups on BDSM, but it’s worth mentioning that there is no BDSM app at the time of writing.

Unlike most other BDSM sites, BDSM is actually free to use.

4. has the best BDSM community for dating and connecting. At Fetish, you can begin by taking a BDSM personality test to find out how naughty you really are. Once that’s done, you can find people who share your tastes, and Fetish is indeed used by people who are into anything and everything, from munching to orgies.

What we like about Fetish is that it welcomes both beginners and experienced fetishists alike. Most of the profiles are heavily detailed, with people taking this site very seriously. And because the age range is so evenly distributed, it doesn’t matter how old or young you are – Fetish is open to everyone.

Signing up is free, and you can also receive messages for free. In fact, you can do most things for free at Fetish, but if you wish to become a VIP, prices start from around $25 per month for a monthly subscription.


KinkD is rather a premier dating app that’s aimed specifically at those who are into kink. Home to around a million users, it was launched five years ago, and my first impressions were that it’s like a cross between a basic hookup app, and an app that’s aimed at those who are looking for something a bit more serious.

I signed up with the intention of finding like-minded kinksters who were just looking for a bit of fun. What I found was an app that doesn’t take too long to get used to and that just asks for your sexual preferences, location, and gender before your profile goes live.

Like Kinkoo, KinkD works a lot like Tinder in that there’s a swipe function. However, KinkD comes with a proper search feature, too, and starting a conversation is fairly easy stuff. That all said, it also means that anyone and everyone can contact each other, which some users might find overwhelming.


Feeld is a threesome dating app targeted at the more open-minded among us. It’s aimed at both singles and couples, it currently boasts over 2,000,000 users worldwide, and there are around 200,000 active users each week. The app was launched in 2014, it sometimes went by the name of 3nder until Tinder sued them, but you must have a Facebook account in order to sign up.

One of the things that really stood out to me when I signed up was the number of gender options. Feeld is definitely one of the most liberal when it comes to gender, and this will really suit those who don’t like to be squeezed into a box. I was also happy that one can send and receive messages on Feeld for free, and the general user base was tolerant and friendly.

Feature-wise, there’s not too much you can do on Feeld besides sending messages. However, because it links to your Facebook account, premium members get the option of hiding their profile from any Facebook friends who may also be using the app.


FetLife is one of the world’s most popular BDSM dating sites that supports all kinds of kinks. It’s only been around for thirteen years, and yet it’s already attracted 8,000,000 signups. And while it’s billed as a dating site, it doubles up as an adult social networking site that makes it really easy for you to meet friends and sexual partners.

I tried FetLife, and it’s one of my personal favorites. As a free member, I could do most things, including sending and receiving messages, and I enjoyed joining in the group conversations. Ultimately, you can learn a lot on FetLife about people’s different kinks, and while you may not always land a “date,” there’s still so much you can get from this site.

FetLife is free to join, but as a supporter, you get access to extra perks and privileges. These include access to videos, the ability to customize your feed according to your own personal tastes, as well as the ability to see more user photos.


OkCupid is one of the world’s most popular dating sites, with its user base currently at around 50,000,000 worldwide. And while the app (which was launched way back in 2004) isn’t aimed specifically at kinksters, it’s entirely possible to find someone who’s into fetishism and BDSM here.

This is largely due to the fact that OkCupid has gained a reputation over the years for promoting inclusivity and diversity. It welcomes people with all kinds of sexual persuasions, all genders are welcome, and the app is LGBTQ+ friendly. It’s also free to send and receive messages.

And despite the app not being aimed exclusively at kinksters, I found it easy to find like-minded people. For example, I could type in keywords such as “BDSM” in the search bar, while each user states exactly what they’re looking for on their profile (hookups, friendship, non-monogamy, and so on).


Kinkoo is a kink dating app that’s ideal if you’re into fetishism, BDSM, or any other type of kink. It’s a basic app than most others that allows kinksters to get right down to things. Its user base is still rather modest and currently veers below 3 million, but there are still enough members on here to find what you’re looking for.

My personal experience of Kinkoo was positive. It was free to sign up to and fairly easy to make a connection with someone who was looking for the same thing I was. The app works a lot like Tinder, with the major difference being less traffic and a focus on BDSM. However, Kinkoo wants to build a real community of users here, where everything is consensual, and people feel safe.

Feature-wise, this is a swipe app where you have to swipe left or right on other users. If you both swipe right, you’re a match and can get chatting. You can also upgrade to see who’s liked you, and you can customize your feed.

Do Apps Like KinkD and Kinkoo Actually Work?

Yes and no. Apps like KinkD and Kinkoo do actually work for some people. They’re small, very niche platforms geared to the kink community, so the users are typically very dedicated and interested in meeting people who share their passions.

The downside is that these platforms are small. So if you don’t live in a major city, you’re far less likely to find someone closeby enough to make it worth your effort.

When it comes to niche dating apps, that’s the common trade-off. More of the users are likely to share your interests, but the overall number of users is smaller, and the odds of users being local to you are smaller still.

What Is the Best Dating Platform for BDSM Singles?

If your kinks are BDSM-centric, then trying a niche dating platform can make a lot of sense. Sites like Adultfriendfinder and ALT cater to folks who are looking specifically for partners within the specific subset of BDSM, so you’re more likely to find someone who has the same specific interests as you. On the other hand, the user bases on these niche sites tend to be much smaller.

If you want to maximize your chances of meeting a local person, a larger dating pool may serve better than a niche app. Sex seekers can use search filters to narrow the results on a larger platform like

Meet Your Fantasy Match on a Kink App

Whether you dream of a session on a St. Andrew’s cross or have a lengthy wish list at an adult toy shop, kinky dating apps and sites are a great way to mix things up. They can help you connect with other kink enthusiasts and find the right partner to bring your fantasies to life. These platforms let users be authentic, while also giving them the option to keep their private lives private.