Do Women Like Shirtless Pics on Tinder? Better Advice for Profile Photos

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  • DatingforLove
  • Feb 25, 2024

Setting up a dating app profile requires thorough consideration as to which photos will work best to create a positive impression. You need to maintain a perfect balance so as not to look too naive or appear as a self-centered mean guy who never misses a chance to brag about his accomplishments.

So, when the time comes to choose the best pictures for your dating profile, you decide to show off your hard work in the gym by posting two or three different shirtless pictures. But with time, you realize that instead of getting more matches and messages, your dating app profile is performing pretty badly.

Reason? A new study has revealed that your shirtless photo cannot help you gain more matches and build great connections. Let’s see what experts suggest about using shirtless pictures for your Tinder profile.

Recent study related to shirtless men on Tinder

The University of Colorado revealed that Tinder profiles of guys with shirtless pictures are considered less capable and more inclined towards casual relationships. The scientists showed fake profiles of a white young adult, Noah, to around 567 participants. His profile pictures and bio description differ in three aspects: sexualized appearance, physique, and relationship preference.

For instance, some of his profile versions prefer serious relationships, while others prefer casual sex. In some of his profile versions, he wore a white T-shirt, while in some, he used shirtless photos. Despite different responses from male and female respondents, the three factors of sexualized appearance, physique, and relationship preference played a significant role in forming people’s perceptions of Noah.

Concluded Results:

  • Shirtless pictures: Women perceived profiles with shirtless pictures as having risky sexual behavior with lesser social appeal and competency. Besides, shirtless men were found less favorable as compared with guys wearing clothes. However, men were more open-minded about shirtless photos and did not underestimate them in competency.
  • Relationship status: For Noah’s casual sex preference, both male and female respondents deemed him to have a risky sexual attitude and lower compatibility.
  • Masculinity: The muscular version was considered attractive, but men deemed it as a risk for a higher sexual attitude.

The researchers concluded that a man’s sexualized self-presentation through his dating profile could result in a negative perception regarding his competency and social appeal and also perceive him as being engaged in risky sexual behavior.

Therefore, a sexualized self-presentation of a Tinder profile is not a wise decision, even for men wanting a favorable impression of women users.

Tinder Advice For Better Profile Photos:

1. Use high-value Tinder pic:

Selfies have now remained a trend of the past. They failed to show your charming personality, understand your features, and make your face look weird.

An average man can work around his photos to reflect his personality and tell a story that he is proud of. And selfies are the last thing he needs for this purpose. So, ask your friend to take some awesome pictures as you do activities that you love doing.

2. A picture with a pet:

Do you love being around your pet? Bring in a Tinder profile picture with your cat or dog. It’s even a scientific fact that women adore dogs. And your Tinder pic with a dog shows your responsible, caring, and playful attitude, which is the most sexy thing for all women.

3. Employ your best smile in your photos:

Tinder profile pictures of an average guy with a charming smile perform better than a non-smiling photo. You might have heard that not to smile for your pics, but dude, it’s Tinder, and here you need your beautiful smile to make that girl fall for you.

Do you know how many women will swipe right on a profile of an average man? Well, it’s less than one in a hundred. But let us assure you that using the right angles and a bright smile can make all the difference in the world.

4. Avoid overly crowded pics:

Huge group photos for Tinder pictures is a big NO! Women or your potential matches won’t hesitate to swipe left your profile if they can’t find you among the crowd.

You get to post 9 Tinder photos. Therefore, it’s best to show variety in these pics. But make sure to use photos in which you are the main character of the story. Plus, more than two group shots show that you don’t have a personality as an individual.

5. Avoid indecent pics:

Your pictures with some other women, whether it’s your sister or your girl best friend, are considered a huge red flag on Tinder. Other women on dating apps will consider you a cheater or a playboy. So, avoid posting pictures with other women.

6. No shirtless photo:

Shirtless pictures hardly work in anyone’s favor. You must be overwhelmed to show off your abs, but women in online dating prefer safety above everything. In this situation, a shirtless picture will be a huge red flag for any woman. Plus, it gives cocky weird vibes and doesn’t show your personality positively.

7. Use natural light:

Natural daylight makes you look younger and hotter without much effort. Outdoor pics make your profile look more appealing, healthy, and sporty and show your positive social appeal. Plus, sunlight wipes off wrinkles and fine lines. There’s a reason it’s called sun-kissed and not moon-kissed.

8. Variety, variety, variety:

You don’t want to exhaust your match with boring pictures. Since you have nine slots to show your personality, use them wisely to show your hobbies and interests, flaunt places you have visited, or use any picture in which you look happy and attractive.


Our advice is that your Tinder profiles are better off without an ugly shirtless photo, even if you’re playing sports or on a beach living your best life and dying to flaunt your sexy body on a dating app because it makes you a likely candidate for risky sexual behavior.

So, just wear your simple T-shirt with confidence and see the magic that will transform your Tinder profile, bringing you better quality matches.