8 Necessary Ways on How To Keep a Tinder Conversation Going

How to Keep a Conversation Going
  • DatingforLove
  • Feb 25, 2024

When you’ve finally found someone you’re interested in on Tinder and started a chat with them—it can be disappointing when you notice the conversation start dwindling. It’s common for conversations to dry up on Tinder but fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

The key to having a successful conversation on the online dating site is to be engaging, use a good conversation starter, and make your match feel special.

Dating experts recommend complimenting your match and being genuine in your conversation, regardless of the approach you take.

Here is how you can keep a Tinder conversation going in a few simple ways.

Ask an open-ended question

Yes or no questions are easy to ask, but they can lead to short answers that quickly end the chat rather than keep a conversation going. Open ended questions are a fun way to get to know your match and show them you’re genuinely interested in them and the Tinder convo.

You can ask about their interests, past, family life, goals, and anything else about them which will lead to a successful conversation on the app. These questions are perfect if you’re looking for a real relationship and want to have a great conversation that’s meaningful and leads somewhere. It is very likely that a question like this will get you past the Tinder Read Receipts.

Your opening message should get your match talking more about herself until she feels comfortable talking to you.

Ask her about her passions and hobbies

The quickest way to make a girl lose interest in you is to constantly talk about yourself. One of the biggest Tinder conversation tips is to ask about her passions and hobbies on the dating app. People love to talk about things that make them happy and that they enjoy doing so you can be sure to keep a conversation going by talking about what she loves.

You may even find a common interest between the two of you that you can talk about more and lead you to a first date in real life.

Bring up common interests

After you’ve gotten small talk out of the way and have asked about her hobbies, bring up common interests you two might share. This will help the conversation flow as you’ll be able to relate to her and find common ground. Look through her profile pictures to see if you can find anything you two have in common.

When she gets talking, you’ll have the opportunity to ask follow up questions and keep the conversation flowing.

Share a fun, interesting story

Your Tinder conversation doesn’t have to be boring, and the dating app can be a great place to share fun stories. Your potential matches may want to hear more about you before they feel comfortable enough to open up on the online dating app.

Sometimes, when a conversation starts, it can be tricky to know exactly where to go or what to say. If you find your match is shy, share a fun story or funny memory about your past that she’ll find interesting.

Play a game to keep the conversation going

Want to get more matches on Tinder? Make it fun by playing a game in your bio and in your messages to her. Some fun games you can play are would you rather and two truths and a lie. Dating experts recommend playing flirty games like this to keep the conversation moving after the initial message, which can work to get you more matches on the app.

You may even be able to find common interests and start to send long messages with your Tinder match.

Ask an interesting question

Don’t just ask simple, basic questions that she’s probably heard before and will give one word answers to. Instead, ask about her life story or her dream job. Show her you’re paying attention by asking about something in one of her profile pictures.

You want to ask questions that she’ll have an emotional response in a positive way. Keep things lighthearted and fun, as you don’t want your questions to come off as a job interview.

Get flirty

Show her you’re interested in your first message by sending a flirty text that will keep a conversation going. Your Tinder match might not be sure if you’re interested as girls get plenty of matches on dating apps like Tinder. Show her you’re genuinely interested in her by sending a fun, flirty message that compliments her in some way.

If you’re not sure where to start, send a flirty or cheesy pickup line to break the ice. There are plenty of pickup lines you can use for dating apps like Tinder from funny Tinder pickup lines to sexual pickup lines, depending on what you’re looking for from the dating app.

Don’t be too serious

You don’t want to be too formal or serious or keep asking questions that make your match feel like it’s an interrogation rather than a Tinder conversation. You can show your match that you’re interested in her without being too serious in your conversation on Tinder.

Send a joke or two, or a funny picture to lighten up the mood and keep things fun when you’re just starting to get to know each other. Self-deprecating humor is always a popular go-to on Tinder, so don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself with your match.

Move things over to text

One of the biggest mistakes guys make on Tinder is dragging out the conversation until it’s drawn out and boring. Rather than force the conversation on Tinder, know when it’s time to take things to text and keep the conversation going there.

Not only will this move save the conversation between you and your match, but it’ll let them know you’re interested in taking things to real life. This is a great idea if you’re serious about sending longer messages and scoring yourself a potential date with your match. 


In conclusion, simple things like responding to “hey” on Tinder is essential to develop a connection and establish a meaningful relationship. It’s important to engage in open and interesting conversations by asking open-ended questions, showing genuine interest in the other person, and sharing stories and experiences.

Remember to be confident, relaxed, and have a sense of humor. These strategies, along with the occasional use of emojis and gifs, will help you create a fun and enjoyable conversation with your match, increasing the chances of taking the connection to the next level.