40 Best Tinder First Message to Get a Response: A Guide

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  • Feb 25, 2024

Tinder messages are a great way to create or break a connection with someone. Hence, the first Tinder conversation can have a significant impact. On the dating app, there are different ways to initiate a conversation. If you want to increase the likelihood that your matches will result in a date, sending a first message that sparks an interesting conversation with your match is essential. You should know great opening lines if you want to connect with the people you’ve matched with on Tinder. In this resource, you will find a compilation of good pickup lines.

Tips for Starting a Tinder Message

Regardless of the circumstances, it can be challenging to find conversation starters. Don’t take Tinder too seriously or make it look overly complicated. You can have simple conversations with matches like you would with a friend. If you match with many people, there is a good chance you won’t hear from them again. Furthermore, it is not you who is to blame; it is simply the way the application operates. Now is the time to put yourself out there, experiment with various Tinder openers, and see what works best for you. To get you started, here are some Tinder first message ideas:

Pick Up Points from the Profile

You can start a Tinder conversation by looking closely at your match’s profile. You could comment on the person’s profile. Start an opening message by remarking on your Tinder match’s work, location, or school. These kinds of conversation starters are straightforward, yet they provide you with more to work with. The following are some examples:

  • What’s up? I noticed that you attended college in (location name). By what year?
  • Your job sounds super interesting. How does it feel to work there?
  • How are you doing? Have you been living in this region for a while, or are you new to the area?

Random Comments 

Sending a random question that is a bit weird and ridiculous can be a fantastic way to capture the attention of the person you match with. You can adopt a cheesy pickup line, especially if they have some amusing images or appear to have a stronger sense of humor than you do. What follows is a selection of our top pick up lines:

  • There is no such thing as the Bermuda Triangle! I believe we ought to talk about it, don’t you think? 
  • Songs that contain the names of people are my favorites. Do you have any good ones?
  • Would you rather see a movie with friends or curl up on your sofa with a bucket of popcorn?
  • How would you feel about working your dream job all your life?
  • I have just finished watching (movie name) and am at a loss for words. For a sled, all that effort? 

Simple and Common Lines

So, your Tinder match may be someone you’re interested in and someone pretty. However, they do not have much information about themselves on their profile. Since this is the case, it is recommended that you begin the conversation with a casual greeting and a straightforward inquiry. Here are some message examples:

  • Hello there, how are you holding up?
  • Hello there, how are things going? How are you spending your time this week?
  • What’s up? May I ask how the day is going for you?
  • Cheers to Monday! How was work today?

Discuss their Origin 

When you want to start a conversation on Tinder, one of the easiest ways to do it is to inquire about their origins. To demonstrate to the other person that you are interested in them, you must get additional information regarding their background and the narrative that they have to tell. Examples of good conversation starters based on place include:

  • Where is your place of birth?
  • In your place of birth, which spot do you enjoy the most?
  • Have you been a resident of this town for a long time?

Try Being Flirty

There are ways to flirt on Tinder while maintaining an appropriate behaviour level. It is not necessary to concentrate on physical comments when flirting; you can flirt with general remarks as well. General compliments allow for a more open and honest discourse to take place. Even when you are just beginning to communicate with one another in a fun way, you can send something flirtatious. Subtly flirt with each other, but do so with self-assurance so that the discussion can develop naturally. You can make a flirty compliment along the lines of:

  • From your hiking photo, I must say that you are quite the athlete.
  • You look so good in your profile picture; I almost didn’t swipe right because I thought it was fake.
  • I’m not saying you’re beautiful, but you’d be guilty as charged if beauty were a crime.

What Should I Write on Tinder for the First Time?

When it comes to conversation starters, there are a lot of best first messages on Tinder to get the conversation flowing. You can take on a flirtatious, friendly, or amusing persona with a funny pick up line. The following is a list of Tinder openers:

  • What are some incredible ways to have a good time in your city?
  • One of my favorite movie genres is romantic comedy. Which one is your favorite, and why?
  • What peculiar combination of foods do you find to be enjoyable?
  • Where would you like to be if you could close your eyes and be transported to any location on the planet?
  • Can you think of the most peculiar quality you consider attractive in a person?
  • I may not be a scientist, but I believe we will have decent chemistry.
  • Hey, you are just adorable. What fate stopped us from meeting earlier?
  • I find someone who is empathetic, caring, kind, and attractive. What attracts you to people?
  • Although I’m an introvert, I enjoy going out and getting to know new people. Tell me about some of the things that you enjoy doing for fun.
  • It’s always fun to try out new restaurants. If you could choose one restaurant in your city, which would it be?
  • Hello there! Getting excited about the upcoming weekend?
  • I’m on the lookout for new traveling destinations to visit. I was wondering what you would recommend in your city.
  • What is the song that you recommend listening to when cleaning the house?
  • What do you enjoy for breakfast? I wouldn’t mind preparing breakfast for you someday.
  • What kinds of snacks would you bring if we went on a picnic? 
  • I am in awe of the hue of your lovely eyes. 
  • What is the most recent song that you listen to?
  • Suppose you were restricted to eating only one type of food for the rest of your life. What would it be? 
  • Hi there, stranger! Would you like to quit being strangers? 
  • Do you like pets? What’s your favorite?
  • What was the most recent book that you read? 
  • If that’s you on your profile, You are way too gorgeous.
  • Your kind of beauty is so unique that no word in the language adequately describes it.
  • Your laugh is probably just as lively as your smile, if not more so. Can I listen to it at some point? 
  • You are undoubtedly the most handsome and beautiful match I’ve ever experienced on this app. I am very interested in meeting you in person. In that case, where would you recommend we go for our first date? 
  • Which of your hidden vices do you enjoy the most?
  • Can we skip the small talk and skip right to the flirting?
  • Please let me have the opportunity to respond to just one of your messages today.
  • If I rearrange the alphabet, I will combine the letters U and I. It’s cheesy, right?
  • I’m watching a romantic comedy, and the main character resembles you. However, it is not even close to being as adorable.
  • Your profile picture just made my day. It’s a piece of art!
  • Are you in the mood for a night filled with fun? 
  • A drink is not even necessary for me. You already have a mind-altering effect.

Common Mistakes: Message Examples to Avoid in Your First Message on Tinder

Even though Tinder is one of the most widely used dating apps, there are a few errors that far too many users seem to commit on their very first message. Find below the type of Tinder message to avoid:

Avoid Revealing Deep Personal Information 

You should avoid telling your life story during the first few minutes of starting a conversation on dating apps. Even though it is essential to be truthful and open when using Tinder, there is such a thing as providing too much information. Recounting the events of your life within the first few minutes of a conversation can be exhausting for your potential partner. Also, there is a chance that it will cause them to withdraw from the relationship. Maintain a light and casual tone at the beginning, tell each other humorous tales, and discuss what interests you. Save the more in-depth conversations for a time when you are more familiar with one another.

Interacting Without Purpose 

Tinder users frequently make the error of interacting without a specific goal in mind. Whether you are texting someone to get to know them better, setting up a date, or simply having a pleasant conversation, it is essential to have a goal before you begin the conversation. When you don’t have a specific objective in mind, the conversation is more likely to become ineffective, and you’ll find yourself running around in circles. During an interaction, you should be aware of your position. You must avoid engaging in needless messaging back and forth and stay focused on moving things forward in the direction of the ultimate goal. Before you send that initial message, you should ask yourself what you hope to accomplish. Your conversations will become more relevant and exciting when you have a specific objective.

Ignore the Lie 

Do not tell any lies about your age, appearance, height, or weight. When someone shows up for a Tinder date, the last thing they want to do is discover that they have been misled. It is essential to be honest with yourself if you feel anxious about them. After all, it is just a number. Honesty is always the best policy, and it increases the likelihood that you will discover someone who respects you for who you are simply because of your honesty.

Get Rid of Typos

Some men are lazy regarding online dating and send texts with grammatical errors. This is something that is not discussed nearly enough and should be. Since grammar conveys intelligence, this is something that turns off other women. Before you hit the send button on dating apps, carefully verify and double-check everything. If you blame it on autocorrect excessively, she can tell you are lying and sending rushed texts. You should avoid sending Tinder conversation starters that contain many errors and misspellings. It is texting and not your college thesis, so women are forgiving in this regard. Mistakes are inevitable. You will miss out on dates with knowledgeable and sophisticated ladies if you do not know the difference between basic terms.

Wasting Time on Small Talks 

It is a daring plan, and it will not, without a doubt, be successful everywhere. But if you are ready to take a chance on online dating, you should forgo the small talk and offer that they go out on a first date. “Hey, are you interested in becoming a member of…? Or you could say something like, “Hey, I’ve been meaning to visit… Would you be interested in getting together with me this coming weekend? Not only does it demonstrate that you are serious about really connecting with people and do not just want to pick up an array of Tinder pen pals, but it also demonstrates that you are taking a novel approach that will attract someone’s attention.

Avoid Sending/Requesting Unsolicited Nudes

No girl in the world is interested in seeing your naked body without permission. It is not only disrespectful but also inappropriate, and it may result in you being banned from using the app. Remember that just because you have matched with someone does not indicate their interest in seeing your eggplant emoji. Always make sure to get permission from your Tinder match before transmitting any photo or Tinder message that contains sexual content. Most importantly, do not request to see their nudes right away.

Stay Clear from Monotonous Lines

A lot of guys make the mistake of being lazy and uninteresting with their introductory message, which is a mistake. “Hey!”, “How are you?”, “Sup?” and “What’s up, girl?” are all variations of the word “Hello.” In addition to squandering her valuable time and expensive swipes, you will sound the same as every other guy. It is important to remember that when you approach a female in the real world, a simple “Hi there” might be an excellent way to begin the conversation. As a result of the fact that most guys do not approach women, walking over to her and greeting her demonstrates that you are confident. Sadly, it makes you appear to be the same as many other men on Tinder. It gives the impression that you did not put effort into your opener. In addition, she will swipe left if you cannot distinguish yourself.

Avoid being Impolite or Disrespectful

Being impolite or disrespectful in the first message is not only a horrible way to behave, but it also has the potential to result in you being shadowbanned on Tinder. When conversing with someone, it is essential to remember that there is a potential match on the other end of the queue. It is unacceptable to behave impolitely or disrespectfully towards your matches, regardless of how bored or uninterested you may be; this is poor Tinder etiquette. You will have a greater chance of receiving a favorable response if you treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Long Openers and Pickup Lines

Many guys text or invest a great deal in the very first message. Keep it brief and easy to understand. If you do not, it conveys that you and girls of her caliber are not often compatible with one another. To make matters even worse, “pickup lines” just tell the female that you send the same text message to all of the girls every single time.

Beating Around the Bush

Men are likelier to go the wrong route because they fear losing a match. On the other hand, most of them are unaware of the fact that women lose respect for men who are not forthright and who beat about the bush. It is crucial to be straightforward during the first message and avoid being mysterious all the time.

The Perfect Icebreaker Is Just a Click Away

Found your perfect match and don’t want to mess it up? Let us analyze their profile and craft the perfect icebreaker to ensure an engaging conversation!

Is It Strange for a Lady to Send the First Message to a Tinder Match?

It is not strange for a lady to initiate the initial text on Tinder. Some people will have a higher level of self-assurance than others, as there are many different people worldwide. Many men value it when a woman takes the lead and initiates contact with them. If a lady is interested in someone, there is no need to refrain from sending them a text message initially. In addition, it is a fantastic opportunity to differentiate oneself from the crowd and demonstrate an interest in a particular person. 

You may have matched with a girl who appears to be genuinely impressive, but you’re at a loss to determine whether she shares your feelings. She may send you a message first, which is one method by which you can obtain a hint from her. Getting a girl to message you shouldn’t be much of a problem if the ultimate objective is to meet a new buddy, establish plans, and begin new relationships. A lady should not be scared to jump and send that initial message. They may be taken aback by how well everything goes.

The Importance of a Good First Message

The initial Tinder messages sent on a dating app are the most significant. It is, after all, the initial impression that you make. It has the potential to determine the mood of the entire communication process. It is of the utmost importance to generate a favorable first impression, and the appropriate initial message can assist you in accomplishing this goal. There are several reasons why having a powerful first message on Tinder is essential. First, as a great conversation starter, it demonstrates to the other person that you care about them and are trying to create a considerate impression.

You can introduce yourself and begin a conversation with a great pick up line, which is the second benefit. Furthermore, the best Tinder openers can differentiate you from the rest of the crowd and boost the likelihood of receiving a response. Putting forth the effort is necessary to leave a positive impression; after all, one of the most critical factors in determining whether a good Tinder user is the quality of their initial message.


Some of these message examples should have provided ideas about what to ask someone you’ve matched with. Your Tinder discussion will certainly go off without a hitch if you use these great conversation starters. This will get the ball rolling and take your conversation game to the next level. Remember to include a little humor, keep it brief and sweet, and offer them something to discuss themselves. Even if it’s the most awful pick-up line, they will respond to your Tinder message if you give them something to respond to.