Tinder FWB: 10 Simple Tips to Get a Friend With Benefits & Casual Fun

tinder fwb relationship
  • DatingforLove
  • Feb 25, 2024

Tinder is most known for being a “hookup app” so if you’re on the hunt for a friends with benefits situation and want to get laid on Tinder— you’re definitely on the right dating app.

Whether you’re looking to casually date or someone to hook up with occasionally, fwb relationships can be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

It takes time, effort, and curating the right kind of profile to find yourself a friend with benefits on dating apps like Tinder. Fortunately, we have the fwb Tinder guide to help you set your profile apart from most guys and find a fwb relationship.

1. Choose the right photos

Your profile photos on dating websites like Tinder mean everything — they’re your first impression on the app and one of the biggest deciding factors women will use when swiping either left or right on your profile. If you have photos of yourself with your family, and pictures that make you look like the perfect relationship type of guy, you won’t attract a benefits relationship and will instead find women looking for a serious relationship.

Use attractive photos of yourself that show you like to have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously, showing you want a fwb relationship instead.

2. Don’t waste your time

There are some women using Tinder who are looking strictly for a serious or long-term relationship. If you sense a woman is on that page, don’t waste your time trying to convince or trick her. You want to find like-minded women who are attracted to you. If there’s no physical attraction, there’s no point in wasting your time.

Have you ever wondered why Dating apps are working for your friends but not you?

It’s hard to know what makes a dating profile attractive, and even harder to know which pictures are good or not.

3. Send an easy-going first message

Break the ice with a fun, easy-going first message. Don’t make things too serious or seem too desperate but rather, make her smile with a cheesy pickup line or a funny joke. A fun message will show her that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and that you’re here for a casual relationship with no strings attached.

4. Don’t talk about yourself too much

Women won’t want to talk to you if you’re constantly talking about yourself, and not asking them any questions about themselves. This will only make you look self-absorbed, egotistical, and uninterested in her. Other users who want casual relationships may tend to do this, but it makes women feel like you don’t care.

Show interest by being flirty and asking questions about your match — you want to get to know her on a level where you two are both comfortable with each other and know you both want something with no strings attached.

5. Be honest

The biggest thing to remember is that you want to be honest about your intentions. Don’t lie about why you’re on the app, and don’t try to trick women into sleeping with you. You won’t find a long-term friends with benefits that way, and you’ll only end up getting yourself a reputation for being sleazy.

Instead, be upfront about what you’re looking for from the app when talking to your matches. Women appreciate a guy who is open and honest. Talk about what fwb means to you both, and if you’re willing to be two friends who casually have sex in your friendship.

6. Move things over to text

Eventually, after talking for some time, you’ll want to move your conversation over to text. This will show your match you’re interested in getting to know them better. Then, you can lay the groundwork to ask them out to meet in real life.

Texting is the next step after having a good chat — but make sure not to ask for her phone number too early, as you want to avoid coming off as needy or desperate. Other users are also pining for her phone number, so make sure you’re showing your feelings for her when the opportunity arises.

7. Ask her out on a date

Once you’ve moved things over to text and have texted back and forth in an engaging conversation for a bit, it’s time to ask her out on a date. At this point, she should know you’re looking for a fwb relationship and arne’t dating seriously.

To set the scene, ask her out for drinks at a trendy bar, or out to dinner somewhere that’s casual and fun (nothing too fancy or serious).

8. Don’t take things personally

If your match isn’t interested in talking to you any further, doesn’t want to give you her phone number or has ghosted you – don’t take things too personally. There are plenty of reasons why she may not be responding to you, and taking rejection personally will only hurt your confidence.

Many women are on the app to find a serious relationship, and don’t want casual sex or a friends with benefits relationship. There are plenty of girls on Tinder that are looking for a friends with benefits situation, and eventually with the right moves you’ll be able to meet them.

9. Play it cool on the date

When it’s time to meet up for a date, don’t be too pushy or eager about having sex. You need to be friends first to have a friends with benefits relationship, and she’ll get super turned off if you come off as desperate. Girls want a person who they feel heard around, and who they can ease into benefits relationships with.


Now that you know how to find a friend with benefits on Tinder, you’ll be able to meet like-minded women who are looking for fwb relationships too. Before you know it, you’ll have yourself someone who is on the same page as you, and wants the same type of relationship as you.