How to Get a Tinder Hookup: Tips, Stories and Precautions

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  • DatingforLove
  • Feb 25, 2024

A complete guide to getting Tinder hookup for the guys who want just that, and no accompanying drama.

Max has been on the Tinder dating app for 3 months looking for hookups. Since his breakup last year he has not being going out on a lot of dates. Now even though he’s ready to see ladies again, he has too much work on his hands that he cannot accommodate a relationship. But you see Max is like a 5 – 6.5. He’s not shabby, but he also knows that he’s not the pick of the lot.

He swipes right 500 times every week, yet in 12 weeks, he has only exchanged chats with 50 ladies. Of that number, only 1 agreed on a date. They went out to eat once and he never heard from her again. He’s never even had casual sex since he started trying. There’s probably something that’s repelling these ladies from him.

Like you, Max has also seen those YouTube videos that essentially say that only the 9’s and 10’s get girls on Tinder. But his neighbor is a sub 7 like him, yet he brings girls home at least once every week. Max sees this, and it has made him lose sleep.

Max needs to get laid, but what has he been doing wrong?

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online dating app that allows men and women who are on the lookout for partners to connect and build rapport in a low-friction environment before having to see face to face. This method of connecting seekers has enabled people who are naturally introverts to express themselves freely and build genuine connection with other like-minded seekers across the sexes.

In practice, Tinder has been used by people seeking a long-term relationship, hookups and casual dating.

It perfectly fits our world today as remote work, social media, online gaming and streaming services has meant that a section of the population in your neighborhood may be homebodies, never needing to leave the comfort of their homes. Even better, dating apps have helped users find deeper connection within their age and distance range.

And because different people want different things – relationships, a one night stand or friends to hang out with from time to time, Tinder has become the perfect place for finding people nearby and connecting based on similar needs.

Is Tinder a Hookup Site or Dating App?

Tinder is one of the largest and most successful dating apps in existence today. This means that it is the first choice for most people looking for a first date. It also means that it will have the most of all kinds of dating/flirting behaviors. It has been criticized as being a “hookup” site, but that’s not the entire truth about it.

In 2024, 27% of couples who met online and got married were Tinder matches. Till date, around 50% of Tinder users say they are looking for a relationship, and 30% indicate that they want to hookup. The rest just need friends.

But this is not to say that one type is bad while the other is good. It is only to point out that people want different things. And sometimes, someone who only wants to hook up now, may want to build a meaningful relationship in the next 3 months – all on Tinder. This cuts across male and female users.

That said, if you just want to hookup on Tinder and nothing else, this is for you. Let’s learn how to get women who want the same thing as you, because they exist!

Tips for Successful Tinder Hookups

The moment of truth: Only 25% of Tinder users are female!

Now this can mean one of two things for you reading this:

1. You give up. (If this is you, stop reading here. The information shared below will be useless to you anyways, so you may as well forget about getting laid.)

2. You realize that getting a hookup on Tinder is a competition. (And you get your game up.)

Everything below this line is for the second kind of guy.

You see, this game is about appearances. To increase your chances of getting a Tinder match, and subsequently a Tinder date, you have to increase your attractiveness. The ladies whose profiles you like on Tinder don’t know you yet, so it is your duty to ensure that what they get to see about you is enough to get them excited or intrigued enough to swipe right too. And for that we begin with your profile.

Crafting an Effective Tinder Profile

The point of your Tinder account is to put your best foot forward. If there’s anything interesting about you, put it there. You’re working on a fun project or company that you can talk about? You love fast cars? You love to hike? Put that in there. Your Tinder profile is supposed to impress, without coming off as cocky.

Here’s a hack: there’s someone on Tinder who will find you interesting in real life. But you have to show that side of you boldly.

Get a sheet of paper and outline all the qualities people extol you for (ask your female friends or sisters too, which of your qualities will ladies find attractive). Then pick out the 2 most popular ones and weave your profile around them.

Be witty with your words. Nobody wants to connect with a bore (don’t be afraid to use ChatGPT for inspiration if you don’t have a creative bone, just don’t sell yourself short).

Choosing the Right Photos

What’s the point of a display photo if the ladies cannot see your face?

Here’s a hack for how to think about your photos. What story do you want to tell? What image do you want to portray?

Everyone has something interesting about them. I’ve seen guys who just like to sit at home and play games bond with babes who also love to play games. The beauty of the internet is that we can find people who are similar to us, who we will never have found off the internet. Show those sides of you in these pictures. Tell your story.

But first, make sure that your first 2 photos show your face clearly. And make sure to highlight any physical advantages you may have. Take a cue from the ladies, they know how to dress to accentuate her hips, chest and butt.

Then show yourself doing things that you enjoy, and smile or laugh (do not be ashamed to ask friends to help you).

Oh, and cut out the selfies, especially if you know that your selfie game is not the best in the market.

Writing a Hookup-Oriented Tinder Bio

Now, here’s where many guys get conflicted; should your bio say that you are just looking for a hookup? Or should you keep it plain?

Some say to keep it plain, so you don’t come off as creepy. And this sounds like good advice. But a plain Tinder profile has two problems:

Firstly, plain is boring. And boring is no no. You don’t want boring. Boring doesn’t get you laid.

Secondly, masking your intent also attracts the wrong kind of ladies, and probably repels the ladies you want. No lady who just wants to hookup and keep it moving the next day will match with you if they think you want more. Also, being deceptive is pointless and a huge turnoff.

You’re looking for edgy and innuendos. The kind of phrasing that says ‘I want us to get down together’, without actually saying it.

See some examples below:

1. “You can’t choose your father, but you can pick your daddy”

2. “I’m looking for a new hope, the ‘p’ is optional”

These will elicit a laugh from anyone that’s laid back (and as a bonus, they also keep the uptight ones away).

Need more inspiration?

I borrowed these to inspire you even more (there’s 90 more where that came from)…

1. There’s no bigger turn on than a girl who reads.

2. My favorite place to be is in bed, but I think I’d like being in yours, too.

3. I’ve been feeling unwell lately, maybe you could feel me well?

4. Last night, I spooned myself some ice cream. Tonight, I’d rather spoon you.

5. Growing up I had straight A’s. Now, I’m looking to F.

6. We’ll get along if the little spoon is your favorite position.

7. Please don’t get me hot and bothered. I’m more of a winter type of guy.

8. I like big butts and I’m morally against lying.

9. Cereal is my second favorite thing to eat in bed.

10. Let’s have a who’s better in bed contest.

Initiating Conversations

When it comes to opening conversations, don’t be lazy. Don’t just say, “Hey” and leave it at that.

Make a joke. If you’ve got none, Google pickup lines. Bonus points for you if you can link it to something on her bio or display photos.

But don’t just say, “Hey”, or “Hello there”.

The idea is to make an impression, her DMs are full of guys looking to get laid (and she knows), so make your message worth her while and stand out from the rest.

Does it sound unfair that you have to do all that work? Well, that’s the way of the world (of online dating). Play the game to get what you want.

Navigating the Hookup and Casual Sex Conversation

Everything we discussed before now has led to this point.

After you’ve done all the work to craft a great profile and gotten good matches, you don’t want to ruin it here on account of poor game. Remember that edgy bio from earlier? Well, this is where it comes handy. Your match knows what you want (even if it is yet to be laid out in plain terms), and has given you a chance to show her why it should be you – and not the 30 other guys she matched with in the last hour.

So here are a few pointers for you:

  • Relax – don’t come off as nervous and uncertain. You managed to get one foot in the door, so you deserve to be there as much as anyone else (tell yourself that, dammit!)
  • Be witty – remember your figures of speech from school? You need to be able to spot underhanded jokes, sarcasm, and innuendoes, and give the same too!
  • Don’t dilly dally about the matter. The moment you hit a flow of chats with her, ask for her number (not her Instagram handle!) so you can connect with her off the App and move onto more dynamic conversations. If she gives you her number, you’re almost there. If she doesn’t, try someone else.

It’s a numbers game, you’ll not have sex with every lady you match with, or even go on Tinder dates with. But if you keep your numbers up, and continue to play your cards right, you will have a flow of more matches and hookups to satisfy your desires.

Tinder Hookup Stories

Here are a few hookup stories to motivate you.

1. A little work on the profile…and look at that!

This anonymous Tinder user has been using the hookup app for a year with all of his few matches ending up as just another Tinder conversation. A simple upgrade to his pictures caused him to land more potential matches. He eventually went on a date with one of his matches and ended up in a hotel room having one of the best nights of his life.

2. Instant hookup anyone?

Do you want just sex from your potential match? Here’s a Redditor who gets a Tinder hook within minutes of a good conversation. Interesting enough, they both wanted the same thing.

3. Something sweet for just this night

Going straight to the point has worked for most guys. It worked for a Tinder user who got a first message from a hot guy. He was honest about his interests and since the other person was on the same page, they didn’t have to do much talking.

Memorable and Unusual Hookup Encounters

Not all hookups go the same way. Here is one funny/unusual Tinder hookup story.

This Redditor found what appeared to be his perfect match. Unfortunately, they had terrible sex and his Tinder hook blocked him on all social media.

Good he didn’t last only 30 seconds with the last girl, heh!

Lessons Learned from Hookup Experiences

It helps to read stories from Everything about Tinder ( to help your chances. But here are a few lessons I have picked for you:

1. If you’re not sure about your date’s stance on recreational drugs, probably avoid using it while you’re together – especially before you guys get down.

2. Treat your date nicely. She’s still a woman, and sex is still a psychological affair for her. You already got her out (and willing), don’t turn her off.

3. Maintain the vibes from the chat. But also be dynamic.

4. Engage. Don’t just be silent and agree with everything she says because you’re needy. It’s a turn off for ladies. If you disagree about a subject, engage her as you would an equal. That’s more stimulating.

5. Plan the date well. Whether it’ll be at your place, her place, or a hotel. Make sure it’s known, as this will ease her anxiety.

6. Consent is king (or queen?), and it is ongoing. Everyone knows this. Stop when she says to. Previous consent does not supercede present refusal.

Safety Precautions for Tinder Hookups

So, while it’s all fun and games to hookup with different ladies every other night, remember that you do not know this person, and bad people exist. As much as possible employ the following guidelines to keep safe.

Meeting in a Public Place

Even if the date is to be at her house, try to get her to come out and meet you at a public place first, at least some 10 minutes walk from her address. This allows you ample time to read her body language and decide whether you still want to proceed or not.

The best option is a restaurant for a first meeting, as your conversations progress, you may then move it to a private location if you’re still feeling it.

Informing a Friend or Family Member

Let someone know where you’re going, who you’re meeting, and how long you intend to be out for. This can be the difference between life and death for you. Don’t leave your loved ones in the dark about your wherabouts. Update them from time to time also.

Trusting Your Instincts

It helps to follow your guts. Confirm that the person is as their photos show. Best if you do it before meeting too. Don’t give out your number or address indiscriminately, and don’t reveal personal details until you can absolutely trust the person.

At this point, you are ready to take on the ladies on Tinder. The good news is, your competition are still slacking or are struggling with the game. Not you though, so long as you:

  • Clean up your photos.
  • Clean up your bio and include wit in it.
  • Up your conversion game and are fun to talk to.
  • Are upfront about your wants.

You will get more hookups.

If you were not able to engage in dynamic conversations, expect to go through a learning curve. Embrace the process. The rewards will come (*wink wink*)


A few closing tips to help your heart and prepare you for the road:

  • Matching on Tinder for men is about what women they find attractive. Matching on Tinder for women is about what they don’t find attractive – they are looking for an excuse to swipe left on you. Your job is to make sure that they don’t find it.
  • It’s a numbers game. Keep swiping, keep tweaking your bio until you find one that hits. And keep that one until it doesn’t work anymore.
  • Ask your female friends to critique your photos and bio. Could save you time.
  • Finally, get Tinder Gold. It will save you time.

Remember to stay safe, and have your friends looking out for you too.