Tinder Matchmaker: A Guide to How It Works and Unlock Your Dating Potential

tinder matchmaker feature
  • DatingforLove
  • Feb 25, 2024

Tinder Matchmaker brings your friends and family along for the ride, letting them choose who you see on your swipe stack. It’s an interesting new twist that’ll make the dating app much more fun — which will translate to better matches and more dates.

If you haven’t had much success on Tinder, this is exactly the feature that can boost your dating life. Instead of sitting around at home trying to come up with an opening message, involve your friends. It’ll automatically put you in a more relaxed mood and make your messages more natural and smooth.

There’s no way to know if your friends and family will choose the right person for you — but it adds an interesting new twist to the usual swiping.

How Does Tinder Matchmaker Work?

Tinder Matchmaker is an exciting new feature on the dating app that lets your friends and family recommend matches for you. It doesn’t let them swipe right or left, and potential matches don’t know that this feature has been used. Matchmaker just takes the recommended matches your friends have chosen, and puts them at the top of your swipe pile. They’re labelled as “recommended.”

Your friend or family member doesn’t have to be on Tinder to use this feature! They can still suggest potential matches.

It works like this: you get a link that you can send to someone. Anybody can click it, like an online quiz. The link leads to a set of possible matches for you, and your friend or family member can choose to recommend any of them. You will see the results as you swipe later that same day. It takes a few hours for these profiles to show up for you.

Every friend will see the same profiles, and the links stop working after four hours. You let your friend or family asynchronously access Tinder (just a fancy way of saying that they can choose their recommendations even when you aren’t using the app).

You can change any setting related to Matchmaker in the settings for Tinder. You can even opt out from people seeing your profile on this feature.

This feature can currently be used in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA, and Vietnam.

Why Should I Use Tinder Matchmaker?

Tinder is about one thing and one thing only: helping you meet more people. It doesn’t matter how you end up in a conversation with a sexy lady, just that you do. Using Tinder is about maximizing your opportunities, forgetting the matches that didn’t work out, and trying again.

When your friend points out someone to you, that’s just another opportunity. You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take! Give it a shot just so you can tell your friend how it went.

I Don’t Trust My Friends or Family With This Feature

You’ve been let down by your friends multiple times. Let them make up for it by giving them the chance to play Cupid. If they’re successful, it probably won’t be because of anything they meant to do. And the potential rewards are substantial.

Undoubtedly, some friends are out to troll you, and your mom will definitely recommend someone too nice — but take a second look at some of these Tinder profiles. You might find someone very intriguing, for entirely different reasons your friend did.

What Happens When I Match With Someone?

Matchmaker is just the start of your dating journey. Since your friend has gotten the chance to play Cupid, make sure to give them something to be proud of. Knock it out of the park with whatever match you get. You still need to impress Tinder users, in the end.

What should be your first message? How should your profile pictures look? You’ve consulted your friends multiple times, even though their dating lives are nothing to write home about. So how do you actually succeed on Tinder?

What you learn here could up your dating game on Tinder for a long time to come.

Getting More Likes and Matches on Tinder

There’s a few definitive ways to can get more likes and matches on Tinder — and the very first thing is making sure your profile is up to snuff. It’s the first thing that another Tinder user will see, after all.

Before sending a single message or swiping right on anyone, do this:

1. Put more than one picture on your profile.

2. Be smiling in a friendly way in most or all of them.

3. Keep group pictures to a minimum, and discreetly remove the faces of the other people.

4. Don’t be too close or too far in your pictures.

5. Write a thoughtful bio without any spelling mistakes.

That’s half the battle, and it’s already over. You’re leagues ahead of every other Tinder user already! Now, let’s take a look at how you should match.

Tinder takes note of how you swipe. If you swipe right on everyone, your visibility on the app drops. Be a bit more selective so you get in contact with the people you want to match with.

Once you match with someone, message them within a few minutes (not immediately) and try to have a good conversation. Tinder knows how successful you are at chatting with each match! The dating app will reward you accordingly. The more positive interactions you have, the better your chances.

You don’t have to aim to get this person out on a date. You just have to have a friendly conversation. This is how human interaction works, after all.

Messaging on Tinder

There are some tried-and-true ways to message effectively on Tinder. You can keep the conversation rolling by being genuine, friendly, and positive. Don’t go on too much, but don’t be too terse either.

The first message should be memorable in some way, and you should never get bogged down by any conversation topic. Make it about them more than anything else — that’s the first priority. The second priority is have fun yourself. If you’re having fun, it’ll definitely show, and the conversation will flow more easily.


These are the ways that Tinder Matchmaker can help you out when using the app. It’s a new feature that just might be the thing you need to make Tinder work for you. Just a little push from a friend or family member, and you might be off to the races with your new beau or bride.