Tinder Profiles Pictures: 8 Tips of How to Take Great Professional Photos

tinder profile picture
  • DatingforLove
  • Feb 25, 2024

Your dating profile pictures are one of the most important elements of your profile, especially on popular dating apps like Tinder filled with profiles and endless competition. Taking good Tinder pictures has never been more critical but your Tinder pics don’t have to be predictable. You can easily take a good photo with the right Tinder photo tips that will help you nail your online dating profile.

If you don’t nail your Tinder pictures, chances are, you won’t be getting many matches and won’t see much success from the app. Wondering how to take good pictures for Tinder? We’ve got you covered.

There are some things you should do, and those that you should definitely avoid if you’re looking to curate a strong profile with Tinder photos that are attractive and flattering. Here is the ultimate guide to help you take good photos for dating apps that will boost your profile.

1. Take high-quality photos

One of the worst mistakes you can make in your Tinder profile pics is to upload grainy, low-quality photos that make it hard to see what you really look like on dating apps. This will make potential matches think you didn’t put too much time into curating your profile and Tinder pics which won’t look good.

Ensure you have good photos on your profile that are clear and of top quality.

2. Add a portrait photo of yourself

You should have at least one portrait photo of yourself on dating apps like Tinder. This is the photo that will show your potential matches what you look like, and let them have an up-close look at you. Ensure your face isn’t covered and that you’ve caught a flattering angle of yourself to ensure you have good Tinder pictures.

3. Ensure your Tinder photos look natural and not posed

The last thing you want is for your photos to look entirely staged and unnatural. To avoid posed photos, make sure that you look candid or are doing an activity. Avoid keeping your arms stiff and take photos when you feel comfortable – this will help your photos look much more natural.

4. Get a friend to take candid photos of you

If you’re in need of fresh photos for your Tinder profile, get a friend to take candid photos for you. Meet your friend outside and head to somewhere with an interesting background like the town, a coffee shop, or at a beach. Ask your friend to take a few photos of you and check to see that they’re clear and look professional for dating profile.

5. Avoid using old photos

Using old photos may sound like a good idea, but it can just end up misleading your potential matches. Don’t use old photos but instead, use recent photos that show exactly what you look like now.

Old photos may also be lower quality pictures, which won’t give your matches a good idea of what you look like.

6. Don’t hide your face

Photos, where your face is hidden with sunglasses or a hat, are not going to do the trick on your dating profile. Women want to see what you look like so that they know what to expect if you do end up meeting up for a date in real life. Wearing sunglasses or a hat, or not showing your face clearly will lead to fewer women feeling confident enough about your profile to match with you.

7. Avoid group shots

Group shots should be used sparingly because they often don’t work as well as many people think. The best photos are those of yourself so that women know exactly who you are rather than group photos where they have to guess.

If you aren’t the best-looking in your group, you won’t find many matches or success on the dating app with group photos so it’s better to avoid them in your online dating photos.

8. Don’t include shirtless pics

Even if you feel you look great in the pictures, don’t include shirtless pics as Tinder profile pictures. The best Tinder profile pics are those that are classy and a shirtless pic isn’t the best choice. A shirtless photo should be avoided when online dating since it’ll only make you look vain and into yourself, which women will want to avoid when looking at Tinder pics.