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  • Jan 21, 2024

Feeld is the perfect dating app for kinky, open-minded singles or couples. It is available for downloading on the Google Play store as well as the iOS App store. People can explore their curiosities and their peculiar pleasures, which go beyond the normal or socially accepted ones. The app opens with a greeting of dating awesome people who are kinky and open-minded.

It was earlier called Thrinder or 3nder dating app and it was created in the year 2014 in the UK, being launched in the US the next year. When there was a lawsuit made against it by Tinder, the name was changed to Feeld.

Setting Up

You will need a Facebook account to join Feeld dating app. This is because Facebook offers an excellent verification system.

The app is an anonymous one and you don’t have to offer your email ID. You can also edit your friends’ list on Facebook during the login. You can use a fictitious name. Feeld does not publish any of your activities on Facebook.

Mention whether you are entering the app as a single person or as a couple. You can then add details of age; gender and your sexual and dating choices. There are the usual options of gay; lesbian; queer; gynosexual; homoflexible and several others.

The dating app is not exclusively for a threesome type of sex arrangement. You can check off the female or male; female couple; male with male couple; female with female couple. There are also options for checking off TS or TG and TV.

For security, you can add your passcode as well as touch security, which is a first in such dating apps.


  • You can join the site and explore other members on your own. You can also join with a partner and explore other profiles. Feeld is for sexually curious people who would like a threesome sexual experience.
  • You can also hide from your Facebook friends, so that you are not visible to them on Facebook
  • You can make use of SMS secretly within the app, using the secret invitations feature, so that they don’t know who has sent the invitation
  • Heavy filters are available, so you can chat with others having the same interests
  • If you are interested in only gay couples to hang out with, you can ensure that only such couples get to see your profile
  • The app also offers detailed articles on the different types of kink life. There are also some latest articles on different aspects of BDSM, like flogging and so on
  • The lookaround feature allows other members of the app to view those who match them in their lookaround settings. However, age factor and distance are not taken into account for the match.
  • If you swipe up on a profile, it means you love them
  • If you swipe down, it means to dissolve the profile
  • You can view the profiles of other members, see their desires or their interests on the left side. You can also view photos on the right side.
  • When you like a particular person and if the other person also reciprocates your feelings, you can start chatting with him/her or send photographs
  • A unique feature of Feeld dating app is that it allows users to have a group chatting with several matches. However, you should have matched with all the members in the group
  • Another interesting feature is that you can exchange photos with matches, which self destruct after some time

Paid Membership

Though it is a free app, you can get access to some of the cool features by subscribing for the Majestic member option.

  • Access to Curiosity. It allows members to see the ones who have loved them from among the ones they’ve disliked
  • Access to Incognito. It allows you to hide yourself from your Facebook friends. You can also hide yourself from the Facebook friends of your partners, who are also present on Feeld. This means that though you can see them, they will not be able to see you on the app.
  • The app also offers you a free 7-day trial.
  • The cost for a paid Majestic membership for a month is $11.99.
  • The cost for a three month membership is $23.99


  • Members are verified and privacy is ensured. Nothing is posted online, though Facebook verification is used
  • You can remain anonymous, as it is possible to lock the app using a Pin so that it never posts anything on your Facebook profile
  • Even the free version offers considerable number of good features
  • You can register as a single person or as couples
  • The user base is authentic, as a Facebook verification is required
  • The matching algorithm is quite effective
  • You can create group chats
  • There is no advertising on the app
  • It is easy to browse through profiles with anonymity and freedom


  • The app’s iOS version has some bugs and is a little sluggish. It even crashes at times. However, the support team states that they are aware of the problem and are working at resolving the issue
  • Android does not offer the paid version of the app
  • It is mandatory to use Facebook for verifying while registering, which might not be acceptable to some users.
  • It is an app and only available for mobile phones

Wrap Up

Though Feeld can be compared to Tinder in its functionalities, it is in a class of its own. The app offers considerable privacy and anonymity to users. You can be particularly open about a sexual kink or some kind of polyamorous tendencies on Feeld.

Feeld is primarily aimed at the kink community, for those who are curious about trying kink by themselves or as a couple. The app is a great stop for those looking for alternative options like BDSM or swinging. If you are looking for some adventure in your sex life, it’s the perfect dating app for you. It respects members’ privacy, but at the same time offers them liberty to explore themselves.

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